Before the massage

Make time in your schedule to arrive on time and relaxed, and be sure to drink plenty of water in the couple of days before your visit. Try to avoid eating immediately before your appointment.

Health History

There will be a brief intake process. You will be asked to complete a form regarding your health history, and what you would like to address during our session. Please note, your information is confidential and private. 


I will review your health history and ask a few questions. Because massage can affect multiple body systems, such as the cardiovascular and nervous systems, be honest about your health. You should also let me know about any pharmaceutical drugs or botanical medicines you are taking, because massage can enhance or reduce the effect. Knowing your history allows me to determine if there are any reasons you should avoid massage or a particular technique.

I will ask you questions to better design a session that meets your needs and goals within the time allotted. Let me know what areas of your body you would like worked on, if there are any areas to avoid, and if you have any techniques that you would like to use or avoid. If you are concerned about undressing, we can discuss that as well. Don't be afraid to discuss any apprehensions or concerns. All information you give is confidential. 

Along those lines, please know it is perfectly acceptable to bring a friend or loved one with you to your session, and they can even sit in the treatment room and observe the treatment as it happens. (Also note, for clients under 17 years of age, a parent or guardian is required to be present in the room at all times.)

We will outline what will happen in the session and then I will leave the room so you can undress to your comfort level and lie on the table under a top blanket and sheet. I will knock before reentering the room.


You will be underneath a blanket and sheet throughout the session. At any point, only the body region I am massaging will be uncovered.

During the massage

Make sure you are comfortable and let me know if you are not. Let me know if you are cold, want to be covered, don't want an area of your body touched, don't like the music, or are experiencing discomfort with the technique or how it is being applied. Remember, you are in charge, and can ask for changes or stop the session at any time.

Level of conversation during our session

I will let you guide how much we speak, or not, during the session. Most clients enjoy the quiet so they can meditate or doze off, others like to talk throughout. I like to go along with whatever helps you relax best. 

And never apologize for falling asleep during a massage. I take it as a high compliment. 

If we working on a more specific issue in our session, I will ask to keep an open level of communication throughout the session so I can get feedback, and let you know what I am feeling. Keep in mind, you are always in control to modify our treatment plan as the session unfolds.

After the massage

I will step out of the room for a few moments for you to redress. After, we will have a brief conversation about how you are feeling, self-care you can do at home to enhance the benefits of the massage, and a possible treatment plan going forward if you are hoping to resolve specific issues.

Payment is requested at this time. I accept cash, and all major debit and credit cards. 

I do like to follow up with clients a couple of days after a session to see how you're feeling. It's important to note that if we do deep, specific work in the session, you may be sore 24-48 hours later. That is normal. 

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to call me at (773) 332-6705, or e-mail me at